ottoman empire

The ottoman empire started of as an independent state in Eski┼čehir in western anatolia after the fall of the seljuk sultanate. the first ruler of the ottomans was osman the first and he conquered areas up to the byzantine empire. in the centur following osman, the ottomans conquered all the byzantine lands including most of anatolia and south eastern europe. mehmed the second succeded in capturing the last cit of the byzantine empire at constantinople. the ottomans moved there capital to constantinople and renamed it istanbul.
The ottoman empire started around 1299 and lasted up until 1922 when it was broken up. during that time the ottomans obtained a massive empire covering more than 2,123,562 sq miles and containing many large cities like Jerusalem, Mecca, Medina, Alexandria, Cairo, Belgrade, Athens, Algiers, Tunis, Tripoli and Constantinople. the empire hade a population between 7-35 million people spread over the vast empire. most people in the ottoman empire didnt live past 50. the families where patriarchal.
daily life
the upper class of the ottoman empire comprised of the sultan, grand vizier, beys and Janissaries. the upper class go to academies and schools to educate them in politics. they had villas along the Bosporus to go to during there free times. they ate rice lokum (candy),sejuk (meat), and shish kebabs.
the middle class where artisans and merchants who went to bath houses and coffee houses to socialize. they ate bread sujuk and shish kebabs. the middle class was urban peasants, peasants and pastoral people.
the ottomans are most renowned for there architecture like the tokapi palace. the ottomans used many domes in there buildings to convey a sense of weightlessness. the tokapi palace in istanbul was the palace for the sultan which contained the harem and schools to teach his sons


the ottomans built many mosques throught there empire. under suleyman the magnificant the great architect sinan built or remodelled over 80 mosques.


the ottoman- hungarian war

the ottoman- hungarian war was was triggered by the invasion and take over of serbia, bulgaria, moldavia and wallachia which the kingdom of hungary hade intrests in. the hungarians hade initial success with the crusade of varna but with no outside support the hungarians where doomed. suleymans army marched 80 days and took 5 days to cross the danube river and they didnt see the hungarian army. at the field of mohacs the hungarians 26,000 men looked across the field at an army of 100,000 ottomans.At Mohacs the plains of Hungary allowed the Heavier Christian Knights to launch an effective charge. As the Hungarian knights brushed aside first lines of ottomans, then the Ottoman cavalry regrouped and flanked the knights. However, the Sultan placed his Janissaries and cannon chained up as an effective last line of defense. The Hungarian cavalry took serious casualties from the skilfully handled Turkish artillery. With the Cavalry annihilated, the Infantry suffered immense casualties as the weight of numbers of the Ottomans and their skill in battle took their toll. When Suleiman the Magnificent found the body of the dead Louis II he is said to have been disappointed at cutting down the youth, who had no heirs. the hungarians lost 14,000 soldiers with few ottoman casulties .

suleyman the magnificant

suleyman was born in trabzon along the coast of the black sea on november 6th , 1494. at the age of 7 he was sent to school at tokapi palace. after the death of his father in 1520 suleyman became the 10th sultan. he fought many wars in eastern europe and the middle east. he was known as suleyman the magnificant in europe and suleyman the lawgiver in the ottoman empire.suleyman presided over the golden age of the ottoman empire. suleyman was known for his focus on architecture and laws and for making the ottomans feared by the europeans again. suleyman reigned for 46 years before dieing. his death led to a power struggle between his sons.